Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wacky Races - for real

Back in the 70's i'd watch any cartoon, no matter what the subject or the studio.
Now as an adult i can say i'm a Warner's fan, who tolerates Fimation but LOATHES Hanna Barberra.
Tom & Jerry, of course, were great. Up till the 'scope years of the mid-sixties when Chuck Jones stepped in and, bizarely, ruined it.
The rest of it - forget it.
Apart, just about, Wacky Races. And that was only because of (A) Dick Destardly and (B) that they were riffing on one of my favourite films from that era - The Great Race.
Its just about ok now watching it on DVD. Thought i'd show the Sprogs some episodes they hadn't seen on Youtube and stumbled upon this.
Folk have actually gone to the trouble of making full size, working versions of the cars and then dress up in the outfits?

1 comment:

  1. Holy Cow! I never would've guessed that they'll actually make these cars for real. I want that Mean Machine, and I want it now. Well, jokes aside, it sure is nice to reminisce things of the past.

    Joseph Sterns