Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Catweazle was one of those shows, like Children Of The Stones and UFO and Randall & Hopkirk that were JUST THERE. No way of knowing the background to the series, no announcement that they were on, no idea of just where that episode was in the scheme of things. And that mystery helped with the unique feeling each series had - different and unsettling and strange. Sure, Catweazle was appearing at the same time in Look In, but this series was far, far different from the rest. The fantastic premise was one thing, but had in the wonderful characters, brilliant performances, haunting music and truely touching tales, and what the nipper me was witnessing was something very special. And, boy, did i respond to it. I'm introducing the first series to our Sprogs right now and its bringing back all those feelings i had when i was nine. I SO wanted a friend like Catweazle, and still do, and so wanted Carrot to understand this strange, eccentric person who'd entered his life was telling the truth about what had happened to him and what he needed. Kind of dreading the final episode where Catweazle does indeed go back to Norman times as i can still feel the pain i felt for Carrot when, at that last moment when his friend vanishes, he realises his friend was genuine. And he'd never see him again. Powerfull, mature, non-patronising stuff, the like of which we'll never see again on childrens telly.

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