Sunday, 9 May 2010

Action Transfers

One of those things that seems kinda simple and dull now - you put the figures on the scene and then, er, what? - but they were GREAT. How you'd pine for the whole set, and how many times would you get the same scene over and over, especially, for me, this here one 'cause it has sharks in.
Fantastic site here, devoted to the whole range:


  1. Loved these as a kid.
    Had that one,sharks huh!
    Can't see kids doing this sort of thing today?

  2. I remember a set that was things like sporting events, I'm sure that they all made up one big stadium if you put them together ! I also used to have the Star Wars ones of these !!!

  3. Oh yes, great stuff! - a key memory of my childhood is us going on holiday to Donegal around 1980 and getting a set of these each.