Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Titans

Gawd knows how much pocket money i was getting - each week i had enough for all the better war comics, a quarter of sweets on the way to school each day, and every Marvel UK that was released.
Top of them was this one.
The innovative landscape made it very distinctive and the reason for it all the better - two full pages of reprint per page.
Okay, it didn't do the art any good whatsover, and the tiny print might've contributed to me wearing glasses now, but that was a LOT of classic Lee/Kirby tales for a few pennies.
You also got the bizarro notion of free posters which were just clumsy botches of different character shots, splodged together with no thought to complimentary artists or suitable folk: hence Frankenstiens Monster or Dracula mingling with the FF.

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