Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Scaring the crap out of a Sprog - part 5

A TWO YEAR gap between posts?????? REAL sorry to anyone who's been popping back in that time looking for an update. Must say, i've got so many Blogs now that this one has moved over on to page 2 of the list of them - and i didn't know there was a page 2, so quite forgot all about this one. So i'm indebted to artist Staz Johnson, who's reminded me that it actually exists, and also gave me a good topic to come back with - public service films. Odd little mini-info slots, usually on just before the programme you've been sat there waiting for, often bizarre, often surreal, and many times quite horrifiying in a "they put this on in kids hour?????" kind of way. Just about the best example of "scare the crap out of the little buggers so they won't do it" was provided by Staz - and it still is creepy as heck isn't it?

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