Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ghost Train

Coming in at number four in my "Top Five Holy Grail Childhood Toys", i've finally nabbed one off the 'Bay for a VERY good price, considering it was near mint. As it was on its way, i wondered if i'd be let down as my memory cheated. My memory of it is of a set of turntable's with some nifty artwork and cardboard ghosties trying to knock the plastic kids on train carriages off the tracks. And, upon getting the package, that's exactly what i got. But, the art is still fantastic and the box is fab and the memories didn't fail and its brilliant to play it 40ish years later and to play it with my Sprogs, who get the same amount of fun i did all those years ago, well... Typing out any amount of words can't do what i feel justice.

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