Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bubblegum Cards

Already touched on these in my post on the Batman one's by ABC. But there were tons more that i - and i guess everyone my age - was buying. I loved them dearly, not only as a way to collect pretty much the only memorabilia on a fave at the time, but for the bubblegum itself.
Didn't matter that it felt like having a sheet of metal in your mouth when you first bunged it in, or that there was a serious risk of tooth damage when you eventually got it to snap into pieces, or that it took a good half hour of salivating and chewing to get it to anything like a chewy state, or that it didn't really taste that nice.
It was the smell of the stuff. The lovely, artifically sweet, plasticy honk of it. Gawd knows what what they put it in and i guess you could never get away with it now, but i loved it. And the fact the smell lingered on the cards was an added bonus.
Anyway, here's five of the sets i was collecting back then - favourite being the comedy horror one's.


  1. Two out of that little group really bring it back for me; the b/w comedy horror ones - You'll Die Laughing and the Star Wars cards. First the red set, then the blue with stars ones were massive in my school for a short while although I never got a whole set of each. They seem to be yet another example of something that was once for kids being now only for geeky grown-ups. I guess the kid equivalent nowadays is the Pokemon card (which my son loves) but they're £3.50 a pack!

  2. I know, i know. My sons collecting the ne Who cards and that's much more like how it should be - 50p a booster pack.