Saturday, 26 December 2009

Roxy Music

Glam Rock was an odd thing. You couldn't get away from it on the telly when it was at its height and no-one seemed to question it and just went along with it, despite it being patently barmy.
The trouble i had with it was, great outfits - shame about the wearer. Almost without fail, every musician of the time looked like they'd strolled out the local factory, had some clobber chucked at them, sprinkled with glitter and then shoved up on stage to get on with it.
The likes of Sweet, Glitter Band, Slade, New Faces and, especially, Rod Stewart had local equvilants for me down at the breakers yard. they were just cod.
Two exceptions were David Bowie, who made great songs but was rather TOO odd looking for me, and Roxy Music.
They were fab: They made great records, they looked great in the clobber and they looked like superstars.
Can distinctly remember this apperance on The Old Grey Whistle Test and its the quintisentail them: Brilliant outfits, a nice and cocky turn from Mr Ferry and the sheer oddness of a song that didn't really have a chorus and has random sax playing all over it.
Sheer genius.

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