Saturday, 14 November 2009

Aurora Model Kits

Guess i was about 10 when these kits arrived on these shores in big numbers. Perfect timing - just about the right age to become hooked on monster films and kit making.
Remember there was a real craze for building them at school, with classmates bringing in the alternative head that they hadn't used as proof they had that character.
I had the Mummy, the Phantom, Dracula, the Wolfman and someone gave me their spare glow in the dark Frankenstien head.
The kit i REALLY wanted though was the Hunchback Of Notre Dame and never did end up getting him. Didn't stop me gazing longingly at the box art (still do).
Speaking of which, the brilliant artwork was the best thing about this range - the poor kit inside couldn't hope to compare with what was on the outside, no matter how good a builder or painter you were.
Batman is a good case in point - i so wanted the kit, staring at the Neal Adams artwok in Woolworths. Very glad to never have bought one as this is what you got.

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