Monday, 9 November 2009

Captain Scarlet

Its a given i suppose that any for any boy born between 1960 and 1970 would have a Gerry Anderson impacting on their lives.
With me it was this show. I loved it dearly - but not so much for the episodes which were, after all, shown once and never again.
No, after the brilliant notion of the show, the vehicle designs, the costumes, the moody opening credits shown here, the brilliant Ron Embleton paintings on the end credits, what really made it for me was the gumpf that went with it.
Dinky toys, Sugar Smacks giveaways, bendy toys, cigarette cards - i lapped it all up.
Still enjoy watching it now but, as with SO much that you'll see on this here Blog, the thought crops up "this was for children????"


  1. Loved all the Anderson shows though I mostly saw them years later on repeat. Been watching reruns of Space 1999 recently brought back a lot of memories of playing with the Eagle toy,great blog by the way.

  2. I'm sure a lot of the appeal of series like this is that they didn't seem like little kid's shows. I remember a few years back, looking in horror at the title sequence for the new CGI Captain Scarlet. It was just an ill-fitting montage with inappropriate music. Such a step back from the imagination and style of the original you've got here. I'll stop there before the old man rant comes out ;)

  3. Captain Scarlet was my favourite of all the Gerry Anderson shows, and I really enjoyed the newer CG version of him too !! As for Space 1999, loved the ships and the look but for the most part, especially series 2 it was just an average show !!