Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dodgy Grub #1

Or "they thought that was a good idea????"
A bound to be epic on the stuff we were happily shovelling in, with no thought to the rot we'd be taking on board.
First up, two downright delicious goodies, both partially to blame for the amount of fillings i possess.
Now way you could away with these today, not only for the amount of colourings and artifical additives in them, but what childrens confectionary will ever have "death" in its title again - or encourage you to taste the blood of Dracula?


  1. Still more politically correct than sweet cigarettes, sweet cigars and sweet pipe tobacco.

    Just found out - jaysis, you can still get them!

  2. I loved both of these, fond memories of buying them on school holidays after visiting the local Park.
    I still have Dalek DeathRay wrappers somewhere, the backs featured pics o-f the Daleks machines,cribbed from the Dalek Annuals.
    Oh man choc cigerettes will have to get some.

  3. I remember a lolly with a plastic stick that let you draw a simple horror face by drawing through the cut outs. And a superhero lolly that had plastic characters on the end of the stick and I would spend hours looking in the gutters etc to see if anyone ever dropped any. What a wasted childhood really.

  4. I remember those and had a load of 'em. Long gone now, though :( Fortunately, the internet is your (and my) friend :) -

  5. Spike, that lolly stick of yours was quite a common feature - and on this very Dracula one here.