Saturday, 28 November 2009

Lost In Space

Being born in 1962, i figure that put me in the right demograph for all of the Irwin Allen shows.
Thought "The Time Tunnel" was kay, but a bit dull.
"Land Of the Giants" was very samey, even to a Sprog, and the only real reason to watch was the already mentioned crush.
"Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" was okay only if it had monsters in it that week (which i inevitably took the role of in playground games for the following week), but now is pretty much unwatchable due to the memory cheats syndrom.
Best of the bunch was "Lost In Space", a show not unlike the "Batman" series of the same time, in that kids watched it for the action and thrills and adults of the campery.
Two images stick with me from the show - the Cyclops from early on in the run, which scared the crap out of me (and still stands up as quite a scary and well executed sequence) and the Carrot man from very late on which, even as an 8-year old thought was pretty crap.

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