Saturday, 7 November 2009

Major Matt Mason

As the point of this here Blog is a ramble on things i remember fondly from my childhhod, lets start with the number one for me.
Major Matt Mason was, lets face it, just a bendy boys toy. With a very short life before the wire skeleton starts thrusting through at the joints and the rubber gets real scuffed.
No matter - he was cool. Wasn't so much the accessories you could buy (which i never did, just lusted after them in the ads in the DC comics), more the brillaintly simple B/W colour scheme and the ultra-cool clear orange visor which tipped up.
How i loved mine.
Like so much of my things from back then, have no idea what happened to him. Would like to get another for old times sake - but not at the prices they go for on the'Bay.

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  1. This rings a bell may of had one as well as a collection of action jacks purchased weekly from the corner shop.