Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Moving forward to my teens now, and my first experience of Robert E Howards best known creation.
The actual novels with their brilliant Frazetta covers were still a few years off, but i'd already been to the Hyborian Age thanks to the Marvel UK reprints.
To start with, i'd sidied with Barry (Windsor) Smiths very clean style of a rather lean version with natty outfits and necklaces.
He was blown out of the water though by the arrival though of John Buscema inked ny Alfredo Acala.
It was a double whammy of stunning design work and brilliant, moody use of blacks and crosshatching (evoking my earlier favourites of Janus Stark and Adam Eterno) that did it.
Just read the "Essential Savage Sword Of Conan" graphic novel and the tales still pack a punch.
Same about the rest though.

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