Saturday, 14 November 2009

I Married A Monster From Outer Space

Sure we all have films that have stayed with us since first seeing them as a nipper, making an impression that stays until adulthood.
This rather cheap and unremarkable slice of 50's hokum is the unlikely winner of "most significent film i ever saw" for me.
Saw it one New Years Eve when i was about 8. We'd all gone to a social club and it was a pretty duff affair for a Sprog who wasn't into bopping around. But they did have a TV room - and this was on.
Looking at the film now, its pretty duff with only Paul Blaisdale's creature being the only thing of note. But to that 8-year old me it was the most terrifying thing i'd ever seen - up until that point i'd no idea that films could be scary. So that's one reason. The other is that it instilled in me a love of 50's B Movie Science Fiction, something that's stayed with me right up to now.
So, IMAMFOS, i salute you, naffness and all.


  1. Never seen this but the creature looks great, spookily I'm drawing a page from a 50's inspired monster comic at this moment might need to check this out.really enjoying both your blogs on a real nostalgia trip at the moment.

  2. I'm surprised there's not been a remake !!!