Saturday, 7 November 2009

Noggin The Nog

I've many, many, many fond memories from TV shows as i were growing up but the most evocative was this piece of brilliance.
Evocative, moody and quite unlike anything at the time, Peter Firmins stunning backdrops and character designs, Oliver Postgates dry deadpan narration and the really rather wicked sense of humour made for a show that had an impact then and stays till now.
And all done on a budget of just short of zero, meaning animation was via card cutouts alone.
Like i say, brilliance.
I had the great fortune to attend the launch of the video box set back in the 90's, which was hosted by both gentlemen and it was a joy to not only meet them, but be in an auditorium with them and about 100 others, all watching episodes up on the big screen.
A lovely time.
If you're ever that way, Canterbury musuemnow has a permanent exhibit of their work, featuring the original Clangers and Bagpuss models and sets, and some of the Noggin cutouts.
Well worth a visit.
Also, Peter Firmin is still regularly spotted in town - i tend to see him in the book section of WH Smiths.

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