Sunday, 15 November 2009

Doctor Who

Thought it fitting that, as the ol' boy is back on telly tonight, to write a little bit about the fella.
Know i was a Who fan but don't recall when i started watching it. Pretty sure i never saw any Troughton episodes so would've come into it somewhere in the Pertwee era. Can remember one of the Peldaon tales so it must be there somewhere.
Anyway, Pertwee was my hero and the strongest memory i have of that time is the REAL upset i felt at his leaving and the shock of the regeneration.
Can strongly remember being appalled at who he changed into, thinking he looked like a girl (?!??).
Of course, a couple of episodes in and Tom Baker totally and utterly replaced dear old Jon in my affections.
And, of course, he is the guvnor. From "Robot" right though to John Nathan Turner becoming producer i adored the show. And still do. You can keep this latest gurning, noisy, soap opera tosh passing itself off as New Who, i know what Who is to me and i'm staying there.
Incidently, if a "10" is the most perfect Doctor there could possibly ever be and a "0" the worst casting choice there could ever be, my opinions are:
Hartnell - 6
Troughton - 7
Pertwee - 8
Tom Baker - 10
Davison - 4
Colin Baker - 2
McCoy - 0. Should be a minus figure.
McGann - 2
Eccelston - 5
Tennant - 5
Smith - Dunno. Expecting around the 5 or 6 maybe.

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